Coming Together in a Time of Crisis, With Love, For Love

Coming Together in a Time of Crisis, With Love, For Love
April 13, 2020

Suffice it to say, the world as we know it has been forever altered and the situation continues to evolve by the day. The entire human race has been forced to come to terms with its vulnerabilities, both physical and psychological, with absolutely no time given for adjustment. As we’ve been collectively forced to rethink the way we do nearly everything, we’re finding ways to adapt to a “new normal” of living and working in physical isolation while finding creative solutions to stay connected with others.

Our industry is, by definition, the very antithesis of "physical distancing." We make it our business to bring people together in celebration of life's most important moments. Exquisite weddings consecrating the love between two people. Grand fundraising galas, championing a valiantly human cause. Thoughtfully designed intimate affairs that serve simply to remind us of the value of being together with those we love the most. The impact of being in a business in direct conflict with the safety measures required to control the spread of this virus will be felt long beyond any restrictions against gatherings of people are lifted. Despite the fears and anxieties caused by an uncertain future, you, your teams, your clients, and this entire industry has risen up to meet this moment with a deafening resilience that's made us at Aisle Planner so proud and inspired to serve you.

We watched as brands leaned in to create invaluable resources for pros to navigate the quick-moving and murky waters surrounding things like contract addendums and access to relief funding. We've seen pros open up their phone lines to their networks just to provide a virtual shoulder for their peers to lean on. We've heard of so many businesses using the resources they have, in whatever capacity they've been relegated to, to step up and help their local communities with prepared food, front porch photo sessions, and free floral arrangements. We've connected with educators and mentors ready to jump in and share their expertise and do their part to ensure everyone the best shot at seeing their business through this. And, we're all doing it together.

The movement across the industry to work with each other with empathy and compassion as we provide them with options to accommodate postponements and rescheduling was monumental. We recognize these changes may have impacted your business, compressing the number of booked clients, planning processes, and events into a shorter timeframe. We want to do our part to alleviate some of the strain. Until Sunday, June 14th, we're giving every Aisle Planner subscriber the opportunity to upgrade their account to accommodate the additional events at no extra charge for one full year. To take advantage of this offer, simply visit your Subscriptions & Billing page and select the next highest plan. Then, send a message to our Customer Success Team via email or the messenger bot within the app, and reference "COVID Upgrade." We'll apply the discount to your account and you'll see it applied on your next invoice.

There's no doubt that business, like everything else, will be done differently in the future. Technology, whether you like it or not, is now front and center. While that may seem scary to some, there's a bright silver lining to this time, especially as we begin to feel the urge to get back to business—the chance to work on your business instead of feeling stuck working in it. The opportunity to invest in ourselves and our future. We encourage you to explore Aisle Planner and take advantage of the resources we've created to help you learn about the tools and empower your business with all of its capabilities. We may all be working from home and adjusting to the “new normal” like everyone else, but we're here for you. If you have a question or want to dive in with a one-on-one demo, please reach out. We'd love to help make sure you get the most out of your subscription.

Since day one, we've always put our community first and no matter what the future holds for us, we're committed to continue making you our top priority.

The Aisle Planner Team



Hero photo courtesy Nomad Republic and Tatyana Chaiko


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