Taking Your Security Seriously

Taking Your Security Seriously
March 10, 2020

Working in technology, believe it or not, is a lot like working in the weddings and events world. It’s a 24/7/365 grind. It can drive you crazy sometimes, but you can’t imagine doing anything else. At Aisle Planner, we’re in that grind, too. Ours is at a constant pace working for you, our customers, as we create the features and solutions within our software that you ask for to run your businesses. 

Within that work is a whole lot of pride and fierce protectiveness. As such, your privacy and the security of your information is our top priority. Over the past few weeks, we've been taking steps to ensure we're keeping your data and your business safe on Aisle Planner. 


Password Reset

We recently required all of our users to update their passwords with applicable length and complexity conditions, including a minimum 8 alphanumeric characters plus one special character. This ensures that all of our user passwords comply with the most current Enhanced Security Standards of Aisle Planner and our service partners.

Terms of Service

We updated our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy to reflect many of the changes we've made to our platform, both in feature and in function, as well as the launch of our new marketing site, The Aisle Guide. Additionally, we wanted to take this opportunity to more effectively communicate our obligations to you, and your rights as an Aisle Planner user. Our new Terms of Service took effect on March 1. If you haven't already accepted, you'll be asked to accept them before your next log-in to your Aisle Planner account.

In addition to making our Terms of Service easier to read, here's a summary of key changes we've made: 

  • We’ve updated details concerning your consent to electronic communications from Aisle Planner related to your account, and with respect to new GDPR requirements. 
  • We’ve added new language surrounding agencies creating accounts and using Aisle Planner on behalf of their professional clients. 
  • We’ve clarified your right as an account holder to add users to your account, and your responsibilities for their actions within your account.
  • We've added WePay, a Chase company, as a new payment processing partner.
  • We've updated our data storage policy related to canceled subscriptions, voluntarily closed accounts, involuntarily closed accounts, or abandoned accounts.

Online Payment Processing

Financial regulations are ever-evolving. Our payment processing partners are working towards creating a safer, more secure financial ecosystem by helping to prevent crimes like money laundering, fraud, and tax evasion. As part of their new requirements, you may be asked to provide additional information about your business in order to continue to access their services. 

As we prepare to add new online payment options, meet the most current requirements, and comply with today's regulations, we'll be making updates to the payment processing systems in Aisle Planner. Part of this will be enhancements to the application process for online payment processing through Aisle Planner. These updates will assure the highest level of information and processing protection available, and the greatest user experience in the process.

No matter the pace or pressure of innovation at Aisle Planner, a positive experience for you, your partners, and your clients is the single most important objective. One of the most critical areas of detail in that experience, and watched over with the most critical eye, is the security of your business on our platform. We're honored to be working with and supporting you as the wonderfully talented creatives you are, building successful companies on Aisle Planner.


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