Leadership & Working With Vendor Teams

Working With Vendor Teams
April 09, 2020

Strong communication builds strong leadership and leadership is so necessary during times of stress or crisis. Prepare for whatever is thrown your way by maintaining strong communication with your vendor teams. Communication is made easy when you’re an Aisle Planner wedding and event professional. As an AP pro you have several tools and opportunities at your disposal to communicate effectively with your vendor teams in order to keep things up to date and on track. Learn about the tools you can use to amp up your communication game and relationships with vendors!


Email Templates

The first tool that you should get well acquainted with and start actively using is the Email Templates. Emails are the number one form of communication that you have with vendors. Vendors need information in a timely manner, so you can create as many templates as you need and send out emails quickly without needing to rewrite or edit them each time. You can manage all of your communication in one place and improve your response rate and time.


Adjusting Timelines & Reassigning Tasks

Timelines keep everyone on the same page. And the team being on the same page can make or break an event. The greatest thing about the timelines is that you can share them with vendors and every vendor has access to their own timeline version so they can prepare for what’s next. Life happens and things change, but worry not, because you can adjust the timelines accordingly and ensure that vendor teams know exactly what’s going on. If there's any kind of postponement you have the ability to re-assign tasks to fit the new timeline.

Using Comments to Collaborate

This tool is a secret weapon but it’s not so secret. It’s actually the opposite. It allows for transparent and organized communication with your vendor teams. Using Comments to Collaborate allows you to track conversations and responses to avoid miscommunication within any project. It’s quicker than emails and is a good form of documenting ideas.


Keeping Relevant Client Information to Pass on to Vendors

You know your clients best so it’s important that you advocate for what they want by keeping any relevant client information ready to pass on to vendors. You control all of the information and know what information is relevant to each vendor. The AP Permission Settings is a perfect tool to filter information to vendors while still holding the reigns and controlling what they can and can’t see or edit.

Save New Contracts

Once you get a new contract, make sure you save it within the vendor’s contract card in the Address Book. This tool is excellent for keeping record of your contracts with your vendors in a project and keeping them all in line. If your vendor teams have questions, you can just pull up your old/current contracts and always use them as a reference.


Leadership involves checking in with your vendors and seeing where they’re at and what can be improved upon. Questionnaires can be used for just about anything and they can have a fast return versus emailing. Through questionnaires, you can receive feedback on ways that you can all stay on track and maximize your work. They can be edited to meet your needs, whether you need short answer responses or multiple choice, you can use them to benefit everyone.


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