Security Updates to Our Payment Processing Policies & Procedures

Security Updates to Our Payment Processing Feature
March 30, 2020

We take the trust you, our community of weddings and special events professionals, place in us to manage the data and security of your businesses with our software very seriously. This is especially true as it relates to your ability to process payments through Aisle Planner with full confidence. As such, we have made several updates to our payment processing service to provide you with the most secure and safe environment to work and get paid by your clients through the online payment processing feature in our platform.

Part of these upgrades will include enhancements to the payment processing application and onboarding process to reflect the most current financial regulations and obligations to our payment processing partner, Stripe. These changes aim to safeguard our financial ecosystem, prevent crimes, and protect you and your customers from fraud. Additionally, these changes now ensure your application and onboarding processes are seamless and intuitive, and your enabled account status is always up to date with the latest domestic and international financial regulations.

To summarize, here are the critical update details:

  • There is no impact or additional information required pertaining to your general subscription to Aisle Planner. If you do not have an AP enabled account with Stripe and are not using our online payment processing feature, no action is necessary.
  • If you are awaiting approval for a recently submitted application for an AP enabled account with Stripe, please visit your Banking tab in your Account Settings to review your application status and provide any missing or incomplete information.
  • If you currently have an AP enabled account with Stripe, you will receive an email following this update prompting you to update your enabled account information via the Banking tab in your Account Settings.
  • If you currently have an AP enabled account with Stripe, you will have until May 31st to provide any required additional information to your account without any impact to your payment processing. Following the May 31st deadline, you will not be able to accept online payments against open invoices or receive transfers to your connected bank account. These functions will be paused until all missing required information has been provided. The Aisle Planner Customer Success Team will be reaching out to all current enabled account holders between now and the May 31st deadline with reminders to ensure your information is up to date and there is no pause to your enabled account status.

In addition to these changes, we have added two new security measures to protect your data and your business on Aisle Planner:

  • After 60 minutes of inactivity, users will automatically be logged out of their account (previously after 24 hours)
  • Timed lockout sequence for multiple failed sign-in attempts

For more information on invoicing and online payment processing through Aisle Planner, click here. If you are ready to set up your AP enabled account with Stripe so you can begin to receive online payments through Aisle Planner, take a look at our Help Center article to guide you through the process.

As your biggest fans and strongest advocates, the safety and security of your business on Aisle Planner is our most important directive. No matter how fast technology evolves, you can be assured that we will always do what is best for the success of every customer, our entire community of weddings and special events professionals, and our company.


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