Member Spotlight: Kristen Moux of Kristen Moux Events

Kristen Moux of Kristen Moux Events
May 29, 2020

Located in Honolulu, Hawaii, Kristen Moux Events is a small boutique design and planning company that liberates clients from the unknowns, what-ifs, and hidden disasters. With a simplistic step-by-step approach by owner and designer Kristen Moux, clients will be able to confidently plan their wedding whilst fully enjoying their engagement as they should be. After five years of wedding and event planning, Kristen continues this adventure not only because it honors and highlights her strengths, but because she's passionate about helping others live their best version of their own life. From big and beautiful weddings to an epic backyard BBQ or the most romantic proposal ever, she loves to make every moment feel extra special because she believes we're all better, happier people for trying.


What inspired you to enter the wedding industry?
I love a good party! I love gathering with our closest friends and family, just having a good time and making new memories. The memories are made so vivid when you’re in a beautiful atmosphere with great music and awesome food. My love for gathering people together has poured into wedding planning so I can help my clients make an experience for their loved ones that they’ll never forget!

Why did you start Kristen Moux Events?
Kristen Moux Events was birthed out of a turning point in my life—a time where I was reconsidering my purpose, my spirituality, and my connection to others. I wanted to make a deep impact and true connection with my clients so that I could say, at the end of the biggest day of their lives, that not only did I have a profound impact on their experience, but also gained a true friend!

If you could change one thing about the weddings and special events industry, what would it be?
The wedding and special events industry has such a low barrier to entry, which is good for a lot of professionals to get started! I would love, however, to see a source of good education that’s systemized vouching for the level of professionalism any given company/person could have. It’s hard for clients to figure out who's “good” and who will provide them with the services they need. I wish there was some standardization to make their fishing process easier. 

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How does using Aisle Planner help you deliver the client experience you want to?
WE LOVE AISLE PLANNER! Gone are the days of multiple tabbed excel sheets and lists in Word. Aisle Planner is able to neatly organize just about everything we need for each of our clients and keeps communication and information transfer transparent and clear all throughout the process. Our clients love the drag and drop table assignments for their guests, and that’s just one of the features that we're so happy have been upgraded from post-its (remember Jennifer Lopez in the Wedding Planner?!).

What's your favorite Aisle Planner feature?
Our personal favorite Aisle Planner feature is the Vendor Contacts section. Instead of having multiple files, folders, and docs for each of our client’s vendors, everything is nicely organized on this function. Contact and payment information, copies of the contracts, and reminders for final payments all on a single page makes my planner heart sing!

What’s your trademark in the client or event experience?
Kristen Moux Events is known best for our clean and elegant designs for the smart money-minded couple. That means we look for ways to put your hard earned money to work for the biggest impact—no matter what kind of budget of you have.

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If you weren't the Owner and Designer at Kristen Moux Events, what would you be doing instead, or what would your life be like?
I dream of being an interior designer for my husband, who owns a general contracting business renovating older homes. I love working with colors, textiles, and coordinating elements and think it would be so much fun to work with him.

What are three things you never show up without on event day?

  1. Water. Most of our weddings are outdoors and even when they aren’t, we're typically starting a 12 hour day with limited access to water. Especially in Hawaii where the humidity can make you dehydrated, water is an absolute must. 
  2. Phone. Of course I have to have my phone to communicate with our vendors! Even if I forget my binder at the office, all of my contracts and documents can be found neatly tucked in Aisle Planner which I can access from my phone. 
  3. Emergency Kit. We don’t often have to open this up for our couples, but when we do, it saves the day. That’s enough to convince me it’s necessary!

What would you tell someone who's thinking about starting their own planning and design company? 
Awesome! This community is great and always open to people who really truly care for their clients. I'd recommend working for someone in the industry first to learn and get some best practices under your belt before starting your own planning business. Couples are putting all of their eggs in your basket, so there’s no room for error. Make sure you know how to deliver a good day before saying you do. Faking it till you make it on someone’s big day could end in tears. 

Is there anything you're particularly excited about working on this year?
We're working on a design project that could turn into a new package for our couples and we’re so excited about it! It’ll streamline the process for those who want a big bang for their buck without all of the hassle. Many of our couples are busy boss ladies who don’t have the time for lots of small tasks and we’re ready to provide them with even more to help with that.

Photo courtesy Todd James Photography

Just for fun

Three things you wouldn't board a plane without? 
A water bottle, my laptop to work and watch movies on, and a fun design magazine. I love getting inspiration.

I’m dying to take a trip to...
France! My husband, who speaks french, is originally from Tahiti but has promised to take me one day. I can’t wait to pick grapes from the wine vineyards, feel the cobblestone pathways under my feet while gazing at beautiful architecture, visiting the markets, and eating ALL. THE. FOOD.

Dogs or cats?
BOTH! We currently have two cats and one dog. If I weren’t in design, I’d probably own a petting café with my two favorite things. Animals and coffee! 

What skill would you like to master? 
Photography. I'd love to be able to document my days and trips beautifully. I think it’s such a skill and talent and can totally understand why my couples spend extra to bring in someone from the states to photograph their big day.

Favorite book of all time? 
The Bible. It’s the best self-help book of all time.

On my days off you can find me…
Usually with my kids and out the door to a party, running errands, church, or a new restaurant. We’re big foodies so we love trying new restaurants and finding great places to eat. I’ve recently got back in to cooking, too, so you can often find me at the Whole Foods near our office!

If you catch me out and about I’m always wearing…
Something comfortable. It’s usually a simple and loose dress from my favorite clothing store Fighting Eel or jeans and a t-shirt, no makeup, lashes in full effect, with some light pieces of jewelry, and my hair tied up in a pony tail. 


Want to see more from Kristen? Check out her website!


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