Adapting Your Marketing Strategy for COVID-19

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June 24, 2020

Unfortunately we're living in uncertain times and with most events and gatherings having been cancelled, people have had to sacrifice their weddings. But there's hope! Staying relevant and moving with the times can show clients that you can adapt and be there for them. It’s the best way to show you're a business willing to help out. 


Don’t Be an Expert, Be a Professional 

The coronavirus pandemic has everyone talking about the virus 24/7. Take this time to figure out what to tell your clients and how you should inform them about your cancellation policies and refunds. You want them to trust you, so being upfront about your situation and how you can cater to those in these uncertain times is crucial. 

Social Influence

“Connecting and communicating with your audience is what will keep your business alive. Speaking with potential customers about the event will create excitement in the run up. At this time we need a sense of community, hosting virtual events that people can look forward to can keep your business in the popular eye,” writes Mary B. Mitchell, from a business writer at Writinity and LuckyAssignments. Virtual events can set your business apart from others and is an innovative way to be creative during the lockdown. 

Be Forthcoming About the Situation 

This is a difficult time for all businesses alike, so telling your clients the situation as far in advance as you can will have a positive impact. Now people understand why things will inevitably be cancelled, so it’s your job to be truthful. Communicate the risks and potential events with social distancing aspects in check. Share your knowledge with them about what potential restrictions will be put in place for weddings events. People want something to plan and look forward to even if there is a chance it may not go ahead. 

Personalized Packages 

“You want to show your clients that you care and be as apologetic as you can. That’s why when cancelling or having to postpone an event due to the pandemic, showing personalization is effective. This can be done in a number of ways,” writes Roy T. Rist, a marketing expert at GumEssays and Researchpapersuk. Personalized notes and gifts are a great way to show you care and will help them through this difficult time. As we're all unprepared and stressed by the pandemic there’s not a lot we can do, from deliveries on their birthdays and anniversaries there’s many little things you could plan. 

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Plan for 2021, It Will Be a Big One 

Since most events have been cancelled and postponed 2021, it'll surely be a year full of weddings and other big crowded displays of people. Prepare as much as you can and take your bookings now. People need reassurance in these times and although it’s a year away events can take up to a year to plan, encourage your clients to book right now to avoid confusion and missing out on bookings for next year. 

Personalized Resources & Information 

Being a source of information for your clients to go to is essential for your business! You want people to trust you and what you’re saying. Build up your information and keep yourself informed about the current situation and limitations that may affect upcoming events. If you have a website or blog, update it and keep people informed through this. Use your social channels and send private and personalized information to your clients, they'l be appreciative that you’ve contacted them directly. You want to keep your business relevant and show that you care. 

With this information, going forward, you should make a plan for the future. This won't last forever and we'll eventually see the end of the pandemic soon. Staying positive and keeping your clients happy is the best thing you can do.


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