Beating the Ghosting Game: How to Handle & Minimize Getting Ghosted

February 12, 2020

You thought you did everything right. You even thought everything was going well and that in no time you'd be securing the yes. That was until your lead dropped off the face of the earth and stopped responding to all your communications. You're then left with an uncertainty of what you did wrong and what you could've done differently. It’s okay. It happens. We've all been there. Getting ghosted isn’t a new thing in the wedding community and it’s certainly not just a dating app habit. It’s not likely that this behavior will fade out any time soon, but what you can do is work to reshape your processes to minimize the likelihood of being ghosted by a possible client.


So, You Were Ghosted. Now What?

Navigating the unfortunate waters of being ghosted isn't easy. But, you can sigh with relief because you're not alone and you're definitely not the first or last person to be ghosted. Ghosting isn't just a common practice amongst Millennials and Gen Z. It's been around even before these generations came to be. Why? Because people never want to deliver bad news or have to go through what they think is an awkward conversation. Ghosting seems like the easy way out because there are no stakes involved or any true connection. Don’t beat yourself up or take it personally when it happens. But also don’t idly continue without enacting any change. The silver lining to being ghosted is that you get the opportunity to reflect. Take some time to think about these questions:

  1. What can you learn from this experience?
  2. How can you enhance your approach?
  3. What can you restructure?

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What You Can Do to Minimize Ghosting

1. Wait to send your pricing.

Think Splendid shares that one of The Biggest Pricing Mistakes is sending pricing as soon as you receive an inquiry and before you even talk to the couple about their wedding. You have no idea what'll be required of you so sending a blanket price tag will not be beneficial to you or the couple. Communicate that you'll be able to give them a more accurate and comprehensive price once you have a better idea of their wedding vision. Sending the pricing right away may deter clients and not give you a chance to explore the possibilities.

2. Don’t send too much information too soon.

Clients don’t want to be overwhelmed with pages and pages of information. Once you’ve talked with the couple and gotten more information about what they're looking for, consider using Aisle Planner's Brochure Feature to create a concise overview of what you could offer. However, not every couple is the same and you'll have to gage your communication style with each client. You can learn more about the four types of wedding consumers (Seekers, Drivers, Researchers, and Lovers) from Think Splendid.

3. Don’t compromise client experience and connection for efficiency.

When it comes to weddings, Millennials and Gen Z value communication and personalization above all else. Be transparent with them and build that connection early on. They're less likely to ghost you if they feel like they can talk to you. Let them know that you can refer them to other professionals if you're not the right fit. Don’t send out generic responses. That can be a big red flag for them thinking that you don’t care about them specifically. You can still be personal and efficient with Aisle Planner’s Email Templates. They can be easily edited to customize your responses for each couple.

4. Schedule follow-ups before you send a proposal.

Once you've gotten a better idea of what the couple wants and needs, schedule a short follow-up phone call before you send the proposal. Encourage them to think about the proposal and consult with friends so you can assist them the best you can. This shows that you aren’t just trying to take advantage of them and that you want them to make the choice that's best for them. Scheduling the phone call before you send the proposal can help ensure they give you a yes or no and not just disappear. This way you're not only keeping them accountable, but your organization and initiative shows how much you truly care and your keen attention to detail.

Pro Tip: Include the Aisle Planner Tools you use in the proposal to guide their expectations. This can be such a draw for clients looking for a digital platform that's both accessible and collaborative.


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