Revisiting Your Sales Strategy

Revisiting Your Sales Strategy
February 07, 2020

When is it time to revisit your sales strategy? Spoiler alert: It was yesterday.

Sometimes we think that if it's not broken then why fix it. This mentality should not apply to your sales strategy. Maybe you’re thinking that your sales strategy has been working for you so why bother tinkering with it, but the time to revisit your sales strategy is now, not later. Even if your sales are doing well, you should always take time to check in with your strategy and evaluate what should stay, what should go, and what should be completely revamped. Aisle Planner in itself is designed as a sales tool and here’s how you can use it to shape up your strategy and elevate your sales rate. Read on for tips and tools for creating a new and improved sales strategy.


Look Inward & Outward

Your business needs a strategic plan to guide you and your company. A step by step process that actively moves you forward. You likely already have one but today is the day you should go back and see if the plan you have has actually been reaping the rewards you hoped for. Track your progress and analyze the affect that your current marketing and advertising has on your sales. Once you have a clear idea of what you are doing internally you can set goals moving forward and look outward to broaden your lens.

Do some research and reach out to other wedding professionals and get advice on what they're doing. We’re a community and we’re here to help each other. You can get inspired by others’ ideas and integrate them with your own to make the best and most up to date plan. Once you have the fresh inspo, use that to outline your goals and the steps you plan to take to achieve those goals.

Sales Training

The Abundance Group shares the four aspects of sales that all wedding pros should understand and get comfortable exploring.

The Different Types of Sales Training:

  1. Sales Strategy: High-level overarching plan to acquire clients. This includes knowing your sales goals, who your clients are, how you will reach them, what your budget is, and your action plan to make it all work. 

  2. Sales Tactics: These are the specific actions, behaviors, and messages or communication that you’ll do at different points in the sales process. For example, you might want to know how to respond to an initial inquiry that asked about your pricing. Or you may want to know how to best handle certain objections. Or how to ‘close the deal.’

  3. Sales Mindset (or Attitude): As it sounds, this is simply how you think about sales and selling to get the best results.

  4. Other Information That Helps in Strategy or Tactics: This is sort of a ‘catch-all’ category that helps you improve your results in the other areas. For us, this includes things like understanding ‘emotional buyers’ or knowing your prospects have already done a lot of research before they even start to communicate with you. These don’t change what your strategy or tactics are, but they help improve your performance when you’re in those situations.

Tips for Sales

Here’s a wonderful example from Tradecraft on an efficient way to breakdown/outline your sales strategy plan.

7 Elements of a Successful Sales Strategy

  1. Sales Goals

  2. Budget

  3. Ideal Customer Demographic

  4. Customer Journey Map

  5. Competitive Advantage

  6. Marketing Strategy

  7. Action Plan

Aisle Planner also has a detailed article on How to Use Aisle Planner’s Pro-Tools to Strengthen Your Sales Process. From building a fortitude of templates for everything you need, to having a strong brand presence and showing your clients you’re the right fit for them, Aisle Planner can do it all. Using the AP suite of tools is a sales strategy simply by showing your future clients how interactive, inclusive, and engaging AP makes the wedding planning process. Couples appreciate being a part of the process. Therefore, the AP tools are a big draw that you can shine light upon!

AP Sales Tools

On The Aisle Planner Landing Page you can find highlights of what the AP tools can do for your sales:

  1. Lead Management: We want to make booking easy. Efficiency, attaining clients, and keeping clients is what we specialize in with our organized, one stop, lead management tool. Get started with an Intro to the Lead Manager.

  2. Marketplace Listings: AP’s goal is to help you do what you do by creating a space to advertise your business and connect you to future clients. Make updates to your listing so it’s as current and perfect as it can be, a part of your strategic plan. Learn more about the Aisle Planner Listings through the Overview of our Plan and Subscription Options.


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