Working With Gen Z Team Members & Vendor Partners

Working With Gen Z Team Members & Vendor Partners
November 03, 2020

The spotlight has been on Connecting with Millennials for some time now. What do they want? How do they communicate and work? How has the time period they grew up in effect their outlook? Well, those same questions have to be considered for the next generation. Gen Z is growing up! Those born around 1996 to 2010, are going to be entering the workforce soon, according to Business Insider. Some of the oldest being around 22 and already beginning their entry-level jobs. While we’ve talked about Personalization for Gen Z clients, we haven’t discussed navigating how to work with Gen Z team members and vendor partners. So let’s jump in and see what Gen Z has in store for the wedding and event industry!


Fresh & New 

Gen Z is new to the work world. Pew Research Center shows that statistically Gen Z teenagers aren’t as likely to have part-time and summer jobs like millennials did. They likely went to college, maybe had some unpaid internships, but besides that working with you may be their first real experience in a professional work setting. They’re different from millennials in that more and more of them are going to college. Meaning, they’re more likely to be book smart vs having the practical hands-on experience that previous planners may have had. 

The great news is that they're hungry to learn. Gen Z wants to make a difference in the world. They’re driven and that means you can help empower and shape them. Most Gen Z entering the workforce won’t be CEO’s or in senior positions, so you'll be overseeing them and helping them grow into their full potential. That also means that they come with a new perspective and take on everyday wedding and event planning problems. With their savviness, they’ll shake up the status quo and bring on the innovation. Welcome their strengths and meet them where they’re at in their careers. It’s a collaboration between generations, tradition, and innovation that results in the best work.

Media Masters  

Say hello to more followers, creative ways to advertise and engage your audience, and quick and efficient communication. Millennials are a tech-savvy bunch and sure the youngest millennials can give Gen Z a run for their money but for the most part Millennials vary in their technological use. On the other hand, every member of Gen Z is a digital master. They grew up looking at black screens that light up and knew how to navigate iPhones and iPads before they could even speak. 

Communication and collaboration among your team and other vendors will be lightning fast. Gen Z is always on and ready to go with the world at the touch of their fingertips. They like staying in communication through quick messaging platforms like Slack. They’re significantly more comfortable using tech like Zoom (thanks Covid-19) and Google Hangouts. If you give them a task, you can count on it getting done efficiently. They're always in the know about the newest platforms and trends. Most of Gen Z are natural-born influencers. Meaning, advertisement is second nature to them, they see it constantly and they do it themselves. 

Talk about multimodality, Gen Z will revolutionize your website, advertising, and social media platforms. TikTok Is Rewriting the World, and Gen Z are excellent TikTokers and know how to connect with potential clients and partners. The pandemic has shown us that having the ability to work remotely and online with tech is a crucial part of adapting and surviving. Give your Gen Z team members and vendor partners free agency with media and tech and they won’t let you down!

Diversity & Equity 

Here at Aisle Planner, we're committed to supporting, representing, and empowering BIPOC and all diverse experiences. As a wedding and event pro, you have to be aware of the injustices happening in our society and in our industry, Diversify Your Brand and share your values as a business. The Gen Z folks that you'll be working with are a diverse bunch looking for businesses and colleagues that are learning and taking a stand. This year has opened the eyes of many. Gen Z was born and grew up in a time of constant discourse. Now more than ever, young people entering their careers demand accountability from their employers and teams, as well as support and encouragement. How are you working to move forward? 

Work Stability  

Along with a civil rights movement, we're facing a global pandemic and an economic depression. Gen Z has seen their loved ones lose their jobs and some have lost their jobs themselves. All of these factors have made Gen Z more cautious and less trusting of companies and people. They have valid concerns about exploitation, health insurance, and job stability. Who could blame them? So as future team members and partners, you have to keep these things in mind. Work on how to improve these areas, be transparent, and flexible. Gen Z relies on solid facts, research, and values when making choices. If you provide that, you can win them over and expect loyalty and progress. 

Gen Z is a part of the future and so are we. Together, we can all make positive changes for our industry and the world.


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